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Chase Your Dream

​Internationally recognized PSIA certificate pet groomer training course

IPGA Pet Shop Entrepreneurship and Store Management Course

IPGA C, B level pet groomer certificate course

iPet Network Ofqual Level 3 Pet Grooming and Shop Management Diploma Course recognized by the British Government

The International Professional Pet Grooming Academy (IPGA) is located in Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong Island. It has 18 years of experience in training professional pet groomers and provides various professional pet grooming courses. We are committed to providing students with comprehensive pet grooming courses that not only help them master skills, but also focus on cultivating their professionalism and sense of responsibility.

All IPGA graduates have 100% ability to work independently. Graduates of the C-level pet grooming certificate must pass the exam and be able to independently complete the basic dog grooming and showering steps in 1 hour, and complete the poodle pet styling and trimming in 2 hours. Install.

IPGA Certificate and License Course


Internship and examination at AAA Animal College in Japan

Obtain the internationally recognized PSIA pet groomer certificate


Rich training dog breeds, accumulating practical training and cultivating skills

Obtain IPGA pet groomer Grade C and B certificates


100% of graduates have the ability to work independently

Obtain IPGA pet groomer Grade C certificates


The ONLY Ofqual level 3 diploma designed for develop professional dog grooming skills in Hong Kong


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Career oriented
100% of graduates have the ability to work independently

IPGA Professional Pet Groomer Certificate Course

IPGA has maintained high-level pet grooming education and training standards since 2005. 100% of its graduates have the ability to work independently and are professionals that the industry is vying for. The highest standard and most valuable pet grooming professional certificate and license in the industry.

Why Choose International Professional Pet Grooming Academy (IPGA)?

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18 years

Teaching experience

Keeping pace with the times to provide students with more careful and high-quality teaching. The previous condensed courses of ten lessons have been extended to ninety lessons.


​Onboarding rate

Employers speak highly of our courses. Graduates have achieved certain achievements in the industry and continue to develop in the pet grooming industry.



Japanese public grading examination certificate course and Ofqual Level 3 diploma course recognized by the British government

Colleges and universities


Courses co-organized with tertiary institutions and colleges of continuing education (Metropolitan University of Hong Kong has co-organized courses for more than ten years)



Diversified course content, including pet care, first aid, training, guidance, sales, online marketing, etc., to meet the lifelong learning needs of different people.

Improve teaching


Japan Zoological College Association

(NAVA) prepared teaching materials, instructors have Japanese licenses and more than 10 years of teaching experience

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