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International Professional Pet Grooming Academy (IPGA)
Level C Pet Groomer Certificate Course


Course Outline

Japan is the birthplace of pet grooming in Asia and a leader in new styling and grooming trends. Japanese-style pet grooming techniques are also in great demand in Hong Kong and the global pet grooming industry. The International Professional Pet Grooming Academy (IPGA) is the only certification school designated by the Pet Stylist International Association PSIA in Hong Kong. It provides a pet grooming association for professional pet groomers to obtain international qualifications and formulates assessment standards for professional skills. . Every pet groomer holding a PSIA license is certified to have the professional ability of independent work. At present, PSIA also has cooperative schools in the United States, Mainland China, and Taiwan, and the number of cooperation areas is still increasing.

Course Essentials



Internship and examination at Japanese Animal Specialized School

The course includes an internship in a Japanese vocational school, living in a student dormitory of a Japanese school, experiencing Japanese campus life and culture first-hand, striving for the same goal with like-minded students, and gaining valuable life experience and friendship.



One course includes obtaining the C-level certificate of the Japan Pettoster International Association and the C-level and B-level certificates of the International Professional Pet Grooming Association (Hong Kong)

Three certificates can be obtained in one course. After completing the course, students will have the skills to obtain the C→B→A pet grooming license of the Japan Pettostaイリスト International Association (PSIA), setting longer-term goals for your future career stage.



​ 100% able to work independently after graduation

Rich real dog practice classes, improve communication skills with dogs, and learn how to serve the owner. Courses provide each student with detailed study guidance tailored to each student, so they develop specialist knowledge and skills that are immediately useful for careers.




2023年11月 PSIA國際資格​寵物美容師評核試實況

2023年5月 PSIA國際資格​寵物美容師評核試實況


  • Internationally recognized Pet Stylist International Association (Pet Stylist International Association PSIA) C-level pet groomer qualification

  • International Professional Pet Grooming Association (IPGA) C-level pet groomer qualification

  • International Professional Pet Grooming Association (IPGA)​B-level pet groomer qualification

  • British TQUK oral care certificate

  • ​UK TQUK First Aid and Nursing Certificate

Target career and development

  • Door-to-door pet groomer

  • Pet Grooming Shop Supervisor

  • Senior Pet Groomer

  • pet medical

  • ​Senior Pet Products Sales

  • Open a pet grooming workshop

  • Open a pet shop

  • Cat Pet Groomer

  • pet caretaker

  • ​pet sitter



Chris Leung

Current development:

Open a pet grooming shop after graduation in 2020Tinja Pets Beauty, and will open a branch in Kowloon in 2022. The beautician team in the whole store is dedicated to providing high-quality and professional pet grooming services for fur children.


Joyce Lee

Current development:

Moved to Vancouver, Canada after graduation, and opened a Japanese-style pet grooming spa and training centerBe Pawtique, and was selected as "The Best Dog Grooming Shops in Vancouver" in September 2022.


Mc Raphael Chan

Current development:

Lives in Macau and studies pet grooming in Hong Kong full-time. After graduation, he returned to Macau to start a door-to-door pet grooming businessGrooms49 Onsite Pet Grooming, has become the pioneer of Japanese-style door-to-door pet grooming in Macau, and provides teeth cleaning and various health care consulting services.


There is no cliff in the sea of learning, and I hope that I can improve my skills and knowledge, so that the pet grooming ecology in Macau can evolve.

Class date and time

Monday to Sunday (except Tuesday rest and special events),You can freely book a class date on the online platform

Real Dog Internship: From 12:00 noon until the completion of the internship content, the class ends at 6:00 pm

​ Fake wool practice: 12:00 noon to 5:00 noon

Sai Wan Ho - Wah Tong Branch Campus (Room 1-2, 1/F, Wah Tong Building, 38-44 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong)


18 years old or above, caring, careful, responsible and patient, ready to join the pet grooming industry

new class start date

*This calendar only shows the class dates of each course, and there is no registration or reservation function. If you need to register, please follow the registration procedures below.

​If you have any inquiries, please contact the school by WhatsApp 62326466.

12:30pm to 4:30pm orUntil the internship content is completed, the class ends before 6:00 p.m.