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International Professional Pet Grooming Academy (IPGA)
Level B Pet Groomer Certificate Course

寵物美容 B 級證書課程


  1. Graduate of the International Professional Pet Grooming Academy (IPGA) Level C Certificate Program OR

  2. A pet groomer who holds a relevant C-level pet groomer certificate and one year or more of work experience

Class date and time

Monday to Sunday (except Tuesday rest and special events),You can freely book a class date on the online platform

Real Dog Internship: From 12:00 noon until the completion of the internship content, the class ends at 6:00 pm

​ Sheep wool-like practice: every Wednesday and Friday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 noon

Sai Wan Ho - Wah Tong Branch Campus (Room 1-2, 1/F, Wah Tong Building, 38-44 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong)

new class start date

*This calendar only shows the class dates of each course, and there is no registration or reservation function. If you need to register, please follow the registration procedures below.

​If you have any inquiries, please contact the school by WhatsApp 62326466.

12:30pm to 4:30pm orUntil the internship content is completed, the class ends before 6:00 p.m.

Sai Wan Ho - Wah Tong Branch Campus (Room 1-2, 1/F, Wah Tong Building, 38-44 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong)

Course content (30 lessons in total)

Basic bone structure and drawing teaching
A total of 1 class between classes per month
  • Whole body line drawing of poodle sheep type

  • Poodle Teddy Bear head line drawing

  • Understand dog bone and shearing structure

  • Poodle Pet Shape Appearance Line
    *If the student has completed the drawing class in the C-level course of our school, this part will be transferred to poodle trimming

Poodle sheep type course (fake wool course)
A total of 8 classes are held every Wednesday and Friday
  • International standard lady sheep type teaching

  • Trimming theory and wool-like practice

Poodle Trimming (Real Dog Practice)
A total of 20 free appointment classes
  • Basic Teddy Bear Shape

  • Poodle quick cut teaching

Certificate examination content

IPGA - (International Professional Pet Grooming Association) Vocational Level B Exam (1 class)
  • Shape: basic teddy bear shape of poodle (real dog trimming, electric clipper+hand clipper)

  • Time limit: 70 minutes (excluding basic beauty procedures, showering and drying)

  • Passing score: 80 points

24-hour online learning platform to review content

​ Unit 1 Compulsory Basic Skills Course
  • dog safety

  • Dog Body Recognition and Hair Quality Classification

  • Knowledge of equipment and tools

  • Shower Program Internship

  • ​ shear training

​ Unit 2 Teddy Bear Poodle Intensive Course
  • Poodle shape analysis

  • Poodle Trimming Internship

  • Speed trimming fast trimming technique

​unit three fine cut three dog breeds tutorial
  • Poodle common pet shape

  • Squirrel Dog Basic Pet Styling

  • Schnauzer Basic Pet Style

​Compulsory dog breed course for unit 4 professional pet groomer
  • Shih Tzu basic pet shape

  • Basic Pet Shape of Angel Dog

  • Joseph Telly's Basic Pet Model

Fake Hair Dog Tutorial
  • Lady Fur Full Body - Sheep Trim

  • Lady's hair-like head - 1. Basic teddy bear shape

  • Lady head faux fur - 2. Afro mushroom shape

  • Lady's hair-like hair- 3. Japanese braided style

  • Lady's hair-like hair- 4. Japanese style high ear shape

  • Ladies Full Body Faux Fur - Pet Styling Trimming

Foreign teaching films and reference materials
  • occupational safety

  • Asian Trim Style shearing teaching

  • cat grooming

  • Trim Magazine

​Tuition and registration method

HKD 41,274  HKD26,414

1. Online registration

Students can click "Register Now" below and pay the HKD2,000 seat reservation fee by credit card immediately. After successfully enrolling in the course, students will receive a "confirmation email" automatically sent by the system within one hour, and students can check their email and junk mail boxes. If you do not receive the "Confirmation Email", please contact us. Tel/ Whatsapp: 6232 6466.

2. Electronic payment registration
Deposit the reservation fee of HKD2,000 to the school’s bank account through the following channels, please send the payment/transfer screenshot together with your personal information (full name in Chinese and English and phone number), and send it to Whatsapp (6232 6466) or email ([email protected]) on the same day way to return to the school.




Phone number: 6232 6466


Beneficiary Name: LAU C*** W** VIC

Phone number: 6232 6466

AlipayHK (Alipay Hong Kong)

Beneficiary Name: LAU C*** W** VIC

Phone number: 6232 6466

3. Bank transfer registration
Deposit the seat reservation fee HKD2,000 to the bank account of the school through the following channels. Please send the bank deposit certificate (such as: deposit slip, transfer screenshot) together with personal information (full name in Chinese and English and phone number), and use Whatsapp on the same day (6232 6466) Or email ([email protected]) to the school.
Bank of China account number: 01259210049011
Account name: Hong Kong Professional Groomers Association Ltd)

4. Visit Huatang branch campus to register
Address: Room 1-2, 1/F, Hua Tong Building, 38-44 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan River, Hong Kong
Students can pay by cash, credit card or check (please pay to "Hong Kong Professional Pet Grooming Association Limited")​

CreditThe card requires a one-time payment of tuition fees,Bank of China VISA, MASTER card, and AE card can apply for 12-month interest-free installment
Cash can be paid in 2 installments (the first class pays HKD15,000 in cash, and the tenth class pays cash in HKD11,414)

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