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iPet Network Ofqual Level 3

iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management

iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management - Qualification Number 603/5945/6

(link to qualification on Ofqual register)


iPet Network Ofqual Level 3 Pro文憑考證課程專為希望獲得準備、設計和完成一系列犬種的技能和知識、了解狗寵物美容工作環保的健康和安全、實踐業務管理和獲得犬類急救技能的學員而設計。學員需為至少 20 隻狗進行全套寵物美容工序,包括至少 10 個不同的品種,涵蓋 6不同的毛質。此文憑並沒有入學的先決條件,意味著學員無需先完成較低級別(Level 1或Level 2)的課程,這可以為學員節省大量成本和時間。

iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management將向雇主或公眾證明學員具備成功為一系列犬種美容所需的技術技能和知識。這是一個正式的、受監管的、國家認可的資格將在學員的整個職業生涯中保持相關性,並且只能通過達到所需的技能水平來實現。它專為那些希望成為專業狗美容師或已經為狗美容(作為愛好或職業)但目前沒有持有的人而設計國家認可的資格。






*此課程只包含iPet Network Ofqual Level 3 Diploma英國部分的教學課程

*不包含任何於國際專業寵物美容學院(IPGA)的課堂及評核課堂,學員如需於本校上課及評核,需另付額外課堂費用 (指定犬種補堂HKD790一堂,指定犬種評核HKD790一次)

  1. ​至少需要交20隻狗 (注1) 美容工作報告(Grooming Dairy),其中至少應包括需包含6種不同毛質及10種不同犬種

  2. 正式評核:您需要完成 (注2) 美容3個評估測試才能完成資格評定,包含寵物美容技能及完成3隻狗全套美容

(注1) 美容美容工作報告在職寵物美容師可在工作中進行,在本院校就讀中的學員可在上課時進行

(注2) 美容3個評估測試必須在本院校進行及記錄,非本校在讀學生或國際專業寵物美容學院(IPGA)畢業生需另付額外課堂費用 (指定犬種補堂HKD790一堂,指定犬種評核HKD790一次)


需進行三次正式的實用造型評估(分開三天完成),於國際專業寵物美容學院(IPGA)教室進行,英國導師網上Zoom Live評核。每位學員都必須對三種不同的品種、造型和毛質的犬隻進行完整的寵物美容步驟(包括美容前工序、沐浴、吹乾和造型)。


  • 品種標準造型模式(Breed standard style pattern)

  • 客戶要求(Client requirements)


指導學習時數(Guided Learning Hours GLH): 300小時

總課程時數(Total Qualification Time TQT): 403小時


Unit 301: Health and Safety in a Dog Grooming Environment (英國教學)

Unit 302: Promote the Welfare of Dogs conforming with Relevant (英國教學)

Unit 303: Customer Care and Managing Complaints (英國教學)

Unit 304: Assess and Plan Dog Grooming Styles and Maintenance of Equipment (香港教學)

Unit 305: Health Checking, Handling and Canine Behaviour (香港教學)

Unit 306: Prepare, Style and Finish a range of Dog Breeds (香港教學)

Unit 307: Canine Emergency First Aid (英國教學)

Unit 308: Planning the Operation of a Small Canine Business (英國教學)

美容工作報告(iPet Network Grooming Dairy)內容

實犬修剪犬種參考 (需包含6種不同毛質及10種不同犬種)

  1. Smooth and short coated (Chihuahua – short haired, French Bull Dog, Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Pug)

  2. Medium coated (Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Dachshund – long haired, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua – long haired, Papillion, Cocker Spaniel)

  3. Long coated (Havanese, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier)

  4. Double coated (Siberian Husky, Cardigan/ Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Shiba Inu, Samoyed, Collie – Rough coated, Shetland Sheepdog, Pekinese, Pomeranian)

  5. Wire coated (Fox Terrier (Wire), Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier)

  6. Curly coated (Bichon Frise, Poodle)


  • In addition to tuition fees, are there any additional costs?
    All teaching-related expenses in our school are included in the tuition fee, and there are no hidden charges. The items that may be charged extra are as follows: 1. Purchase additional beauty tools and supplies not included in the course 2. Apply for an additional certificate 3. Make up the classroom
  • Why is the course fee of your school higher than other schools in the market?
    Word-of-mouth and integrity are the accumulated achievements of our school since its establishment 16 years ago. The quality of the school's courses is highly recognized and respected by the industry. After graduation, the students can independently deal with the skills required for entering the industry, starting a business, self-employment and immigration. Employers also have positive and positive evaluations of the school's graduates.
  • How many mentors are there during the internship?
    Practice classes are taught by senior instructors with more than ten years of teaching experience and four assistant instructors. All assistant instructors have obtained professional pet groomer qualifications and have working experience in pet shops.
  • Ofqual Level 3 diploma courses are divided into UKL3 and UKL3PRO. What is the difference between the two?
    UKL3 is mainly aimed at students with zero foundation. The course includes 35 real dog practice classes and the cost of teaching in the UK. UKL3PRO is mainly aimed at working pet groomers and pet shop owners, as well as students who are studying certificate courses in our school. The tuition fee only includes the cost of teaching in the UK, and does not include real dog practice courses.
  • In what language are the courses taught?
    Mainly taught in Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin), the assignments and some content of OFQUAL Level 3 courses will be taught in English.
  • If I attend classes less often, is there any way to review or revisit?
    Students who are studying the certificate courses of our school can log in to the online learning platform of our school to review at any time. From showering and shearing clips to beauty knowledge outside of the classroom, you can watch it, so that students can learn at any time and maintain their competitiveness.
  • Is the certificate internationally recognized?
    The school provides 4 types of certificates for students to apply for the exam Internationally recognized certificate 1. Japanese PSIA certificate: Japan Pet Stylist International Association PSIA (Pet Stylist International Association PSIA), an international public examination, candidates include Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. 2. Ofqual Level 3 pet grooming and store management diploma course recognized by the British government *The above two certificates are issued in English, and the content and related skills of the certificates can be recognized in English-speaking regions of the world 3. FCI's KCT certificate: KCT (Taiwan Kennel Club), one of the branches of FCI (International Kennel Federation). The more active branches in Asia include CKU (China Kennel Union) in China and JKC (Japan Kennel Club) in Japan, all of which belong to FCI *FCI's beauty certificates are issued in the language of the region. For example, the language of Taiwan's KCT certificate is traditional Chinese, and the language of Japan's JKC certificate is Japanese Local Recognition Certificate 1. IPGA certificate: a certificate issued by the International Professional Grooming Association (IPGA), which is generally recognized in the local pet industry
  • There are many C-level courses for pet groomers in the market. What are the differences and what are the standards?
    Standard of our C-level pet groomer: 1. Able to complete basic beauty procedures (including showering and brushing) within 1 hour 2. Able to complete the shearing of a real poodle pet type within 2 hours 3. The trimmed shape can meet the standard charged by pet shops 4. Have a basic understanding of the lady sheep type 5. Able to complete the whole process of showering and shearing independently
  • How should I choose the course that suits me best?
    Our courses have specific learning objectives, starting from the basics, and are designed according to the time and purpose of the students. Internationally recognized Japanese PSIA pet groomer certificate course: take the Japanese certificate and become a senior groomer UK Government Recognized Ofqual Level 3 Pet Grooming and Store Management Diploma Course: Immigration to the UK and Local Entrepreneurship Locally recognized IPGA Pet Shop Entrepreneurship and Shop Management Course: Open a shop and become a pet shop owner Local accredited IPGA Grade C pet groomer certificate: pet groomer as the target career You can also click here to enter the course questionnaire to learn about your professional direction step by step.
  • What is the earliest date I can start classes after registration?
    There are two days of class start every month. The first class must be held on the start date of one of the two days. Please go to the course page to view the course start date.
  • How to make an appointment for a class?
    If you have not yet taken an IPGA course, please check the start date of the course on the course page you want to enroll, or check the start date of all courses on the school's timetable page. If you have participated in IPGA training courses, our school has an online reservation platform for current students, and students can make reservations online by themselves. There will be an email notification and confirmation the day before the class starts.
  • I usually want to work, but I can only come on Saturdays or Sundays, will there be no one in class?
    The online reservation platform dedicated to current students of the school can provide a whole month of reservation service, if you can make an appointment in advance. Huatang Branch can provide a maximum of 23 places for students to make an appointment every day.
  • How many classes can I take in a week?
    Free appointment" class Except for Tuesday breaks or special events, the "free reservation" class in the course content can choose the class date at will, just make an appointment on the student's "online reservation platform" of the school. You can arrange the school days each week or month according to your own schedule. Monthly inter-class class" and "Inter-class class" classes The start date of the inter-class class will be announced on the school timetable, Facebook alumni association and WhatsApp group every month. Students should pay attention to the class date and make an appointment in advance.



1. 網上報名

學員可按下方「立即報名」 ,即時以信用卡繳付英國教程學費HKD24,000。學員成功報讀課程後,將會於一小時內收到系統自動發出的「確認電郵」,學員可檢查電子郵箱及垃圾郵件箱。如收不到「確認電郵」,請聯絡我們。Tel/ Whatsapp: 6232 6466。

2. 電子支付報名
英國教程學HKD24,000予本校銀行賬戶 ,請將支付/轉賬截圖連同知個人資料(中英文全名及電話),即日以Whatsapp (6232 6466)或電郵 ([email protected]) 方式交回院校。




電話號碼: 6232 6466

轉數快 FPS

收款人姓名: LAU C*** W** VIC

電話號碼: 6232 6466


收款人姓名: LAU C*** W** VIC

電話號碼: 6232 6466

3. 銀行轉賬報名
英國教程學HKD24,000予本校銀行賬戶,請將銀行存款證明 (如:入數紙、轉賬截圖) 連同知個人資料(中英文全名及電話),即日以Whatsapp (6232 6466)或電郵 ([email protected]) 方式交回院校。
戶口名稱:Hong Kong Professional Groomers Association Ltd)

4. 親臨華堂分校報名
學員可以現金、信用卡或支票 (抬頭請寫「香港專業寵物美容師協會有限公司」) 繳交費用​

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